About Us


The purpose of United Citizens Foundation, Inc. is to act responsibly and to be responsive to the needs of the community. We are dedicated to helping community members in need that are unmet by other available community programs. We are working to establish programs to distribute food and other basic necessities to individuals in Las Vegas who are in need.

We conduct an annual free health fair in the early summer as well as food, toy, sundry, blood and clothes drives in the Las Vegas Valley throughout the year. We also assist the under previlaged in the community by bringing to them the resources that they need to succeed – Our Health Fair for the Uninsured provides a wide variety of regular and specilized care to the community members and has a large participation from the healthcare community and community based organizations. Our back to school drive, sundries drive, toy drives, sponsorship of families programs provide children and struggling families the resources they need to succeed.

We are currently working on a Mentoring Program,  an after school program, dedicated to helping children with their homework as well as providing them with positive role models in their lives. Our intent is to help the over 5,000 homeless students in the Clark County area.

As our organization grows we will continue developing new programs to serve the community and individuals in need living in our area. UCF is a zero administrative cost non profit, which means all of the dollars we receive directly support the programs.