Health Clinic

The UCF clinic, located at Valley High-school provides services to all students attending Clark County School District. UCF currently accepts Medicaid, Amerigroup, Mines and Associates and Victims of Crime. For the students who are not insured, or are insured by groups other than those listed, UCF can work within every individuals needs, many times with no out of pocket expense to the student or their families.

Counseling & Behavioral Health Services:

Individual assessment and treatment
Diagnostic evaluation
Suicide Risk Assessments
Address bullying issues
Substance abuse assessment & counseling
Group Counseling and education group sessions


UCF works in affiliation with:



The overall goal of the SBHC is to increase the number of children receiving behavioral and mental heath services to preschool, elementary, middle and secondary school students.

Program Operations

Comprehensive behavioral and mental health services will be offered by a licensed Clinical Therapist.


Research and evaluations have demonstrated that school based/linked health centers provide an optimal setting to foster learning readiness and academic achievement by giving children the resources they need to improve their health. In addition adolescents who received counseling services in a school based / linked health center significantly decreased their absenteeism and tardiness while those who did not receive counseling slightly increased their absence and tardiness rates.

Clinic Hours & Location
Mon-Fri 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Valley High School Wellness Center 2839 Burnham Dr., Portable #C-805 Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

Hours for Office Coordinator/ Receptionist
Monday – Thursday: 7:30am-4pm

Office Coordinator can make appointments and / or coordinate follow-up visits and referrals, provide information about services, assist with consent forms and other necessary forms.